Press Release
July 14, 2015

Recently, Council of Higher Education for Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination (YODAK) has been intensely being brought to the agenda of the public opinion in the media of our country. As Cyprus Universities Association (KUB), discussions in the media required us to make a statement. First of all, we would like to underline our strong belief to protect the favorable images of higher education institutions which creates added value to countries. In our country in which over 75 thousand students receive education, we do not consider that making YODAK a matter of debate in the public opinion would help us to carry our universities onward. 

We believe the assertions, about the members of the institution in question are being tried to be made ineffective by the President, needs to be revealed and considerations, accusations and assertions related to the Presidentrequires to be straightened out by the institutions concerned with urgency. We, hereby, state our belief that an institution such as YODAK which should be reputable, strategic and impartial, needs to be prevented from further exhaustions, and release to the public that we will be a follower of the subject. 

Publicity Attack from CUA
May 08, 2015

Girne American University CEO and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi represented the Cyprus Universities Association (CUA) at the IV Annual IUNC Eurasia 2015 Conference, which was held in Moscow from May 5 to 9. Asım Vehbi, delivered a presentation about the higher education in Cyprus at the conference and gave detailed information about universities which are the members of CUA. At his presentation, Vehbi relayed enlightening information about Cyprus` historical background, and aims of the Cyprus Universities Association. He then gave descriptive information about the member universities. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, explained that the higher education sector, which was started with 105 students in 1979 in Cyprus, has progressed in stages until today and the number of students, has exceeded 45 thousand. 

Asım Vehbi, while giving information about the Association of Cyprus Universities also highlighted the academic programs and faculties of the member institutions: Girne American University, Cyprus International University, British University of Nicosia, Mediterranean Karpaz University. 

Vehbi, who also announced the information about the accreditation of the universities related to CUA, stated that for further information and applications may be consulted to and 

Founding of the Cyprus Universities Association
March 30, 2015

Cyprus Universities Association carries the purpose of carrying forward the vision of higher education, internationalization of universities and being a cooperation platform in resolving the mutual problems of the universities in Cyprus. The Association, which was formed of Girne American, International Cyprus, Mediterranean Karpaz University, Cyprus American University and British University Of Nicosia and the board were introduced today at the meeting held at the Association Building on Mustafa Çağatay Street. It was stated at the press conference that the Eastern Mediterranean University, European University of Lefke and Istanbul Technical University might take part within the Association; while Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus will not be attending and as for Near East University it is unclear if they will be attending. Serhat Akpınar, Chairman of the Board of Association of Universities and Girne American University Founding Rector and Executive Board Chairman, stated that the Association will contribute in the development of higher education of the country. Akpınar expressed that they are feeling proud for actualizing such a formation in Northern Cyprus, where the the Higher Education is among the most important contributors to the economy, even though it is late. Akpinar also stated that the 

Association was established with 3-months work and the activities will begin with the approval of Association charter from the district governorship. 

Akpınar stated that, at the end of the election of the Board of Directors, he was brought to Chairman of the board of Association of Universities, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Cyprus International University Mete Boyacı to Vice Presidency, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of British University Of Nicosia Ali Özok to Secretary General, Rector of the American University of Cyprus Prof. Dr. Asuman Türkel, Vice Chairman of the University of Cyprus Metropolitan Mehmet Toycan and Rector of the University of Mediterranean Karpasia Prof. Dr. Ali Şen was brought to the board membership for 1 year. Akpınar, who expressed that would be guiding to new universities which will be established, stated that they will be in close contact with government, YODAK and the Ministry of Education and similar international institutions. 

Mete Boyacı, Vice Chairman of the Association of Cyprus Universities and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Cyprus International University, pointed out that higher education is the most important sector of the country. Boyacı stated that he has a belief that the Association will have contribution in education. Ali Özok, Secretary General of Association of Cyprus Universities and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of British University Of Nicosia, emphasized his goals in his speech. Özok; "We want to contribute to higher education and make things better."