Cyprus Universities Association is a newly established voluntary association of public, private and foundation universities in Northern part of Cyprus. Association is designed to be a cooperation platform to resolve mutual challenges faced by the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and to further good-relations between universities in promoting collaboration in research, teaching and enhancing student-satisfaction. Our six institutional members have mutually acknowledged the need for a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation which can assist with pioneering of the education trends, dissemination of valuable data, and sharing of resources in enhancing the quality of life for the students studying in Cyprus. Given the high volume of international student and scholar population on the island, the Association`s goal is to engage in various international activities that will increase the interaction capacity of students with the HEIs and other stakeholders in the Education sector.

We believe forming links with international organisations, and working with them on collective projects is the most effective way of promoting internationalism in HEIs. You will find that most of our HEIs are recognised by YOK - The Turkish Higher Education Accreditation Council, with two universities waiting on their Accreditation. Also most of our HEIs are NARIC (UK National Recognition Information and Coordination Council) recognized. Our member HEIs have numerous bilateral relations with a number of European universities as well as cooperation agreements with universities in UK and elsewhere. Among us are IAU (International Association of Universities) and many other HEI Organisation members. We intend to build on these associations in our pursuit of advancing opportunities for our students and scholars.

Cyprus Universities Association | Board of Directors
- President: Mr. Halil Nadiri
- Vice- President: Mr. Ahmet Bülent Göksel
- General Secretary: Mr. Serdar Saydam
General Coordinator: Dr. Asım Vehbi
Mr. Kutsal Öztürk
Mr. Mehmet Toycan

Contact Information
Official Address: 21 Mustafa Cagatay Ave, Kyrenia, North Cyprus
E-mail Address: info@cyua.org